Create a Cross-Sell

We offer the opportunity to set up Cross-Selling so your customers, during the purchase process, can add additional products to their shopping carts.


1. Log in to, create a new product in your administration area or choose or choose one that already exists. Click "Edit".

2. Open the "Cross-Selling" tab. Click "+ Add cross-selling item".

3. Choose a product within the drop-down menu which you would like to offer along with the original product in the customer shopping cart.
Alternatively you can also add a discount for the respective product. Please do not forget to click “Add Product”.

You can combine several individual products with normal characteristics. It is also possible to assign a subscription product.

4. Click “Save”.

The Cart Widget on your order form will now contain your main product as well as other added products.

Customers will now be able to mark the products they would like to purchase together with the main product.

    → The payment methods Paypal and SOFORT are not available with Cross-Selling.

Pre-Selected Cross-Selling

Furthermore, we also offer an extended version of the cross-selling. The product can also be pre-selected in the cart. This is particularly useful for free products, as it increases the value of the purchase from a customer perspective.

For security reasons this function needs to be activated by our support team.

If you are interested in this feature, please get in contact with our support team.