Logistics & fulfillment service

You can use our service to store your products. We ship the products automatically with every sale. You save yourself the entire shipping logistics!

What does the process look like?

  1. Choose one of the two options mentioned below to get an offer for the fulfillment service.
  2. We will check your requirements and contact you with an individual offer.
  3. Send your products to our fulfillment service provider “CommerceR Internet GmbH”.
  4. Your products will be shipped automatically to your customers on a daily basis.

How do I get an individual offer?

To request an individual offer from our fulfillment service partner, please do the following:

Option 1:

Fill out the questionnaire of our fulfillment service partner. Send it to logistics@affilicon.net and we will contact you as soon as possible with an individual offer.

Click here to download the form of the fulfillment service partner.

Option 2:

1. Log in to your administration area and select “Products”

2. You find an “Edit” button next to each product in the list of “Products”

3. Click “Edit” and select “Shipping Costs” to enter the shipping and fulfillment area.

4. Click “Fulfillment” on the top of the page and fill out the following form.  


5. After answering the questions select “Send inquiry”. Your information will be forwarded to our fulfillment service partner “CommerceR Internet GmbH”.

We will send you an individual offer as soon as possible.


Do you have special requirements for shipping?

You can use the tag function to communicate particular shipping requirements for your products to our logistics provider. Create a tag beginning with “SKU-” (letters in upper case and a dash) and ending with any name you find appropriate to describe your special requirements.

By selecting “Send inquiry” you will send your special requirements for shipping to our logistics and fulfillment provider.


  • SKU-Subscription-product
  • SKU-electric
  • SKU-glass
  • etc.