The Table “Payouts”

After logging in to, please select “Reports”, where you can choose any of five given tables: “Commissions”, “Purchases”, "Subscriptions", “Payouts” and "Subaffiliates".

In the following we will explain to you how to read the table “Payouts” correctly and how to understand the individual columns.

The payment of refunds for product sales and affiliate commissions will be released from 100 Euro net.

Calender week

The payment will be issued in the stated calendar week.

Refunds (€)

These are all your refunds (commissions) in the accounting period.

Deductions (€)

Returns, charge-backs, deductions of any kind (e.g. when the commission gets charged back).

Revenue (€)

= Refunds (Column 2) – Deductions (Column 3) – Other Deductions (e.g. Joint Ventures).

Security deposit (€)

The “Security Deposit” is the part which we withhold from your commissions in case any charge-backs (this means returns) or accounting errors occur.

Accounting errors can occur, if your customers give, for example, incorrect statements in the payment form. Your security deposit will be paid out after eight weeks.

Release security deposit (€)

We will pay you out this security deposit in the next payment. The chart shows that this amount has been deferred eight weeks ago to serve as a security deposit.

Total amount (€)

Revenue (Column 4 ) – Security Deposit (Column 5).

PayPal (€)

Here you will only see an amount if you want a transfer of the amount to your PayPal account (adjustments can be made in your account settings).

As PayPal requires a transaction service fee, we consequently forward these fees to you (3% of the payout sum, max. 12 € per payout). If you do not agree with the fees, you can switch any time to a free money transfer service.

Net (€)

Total Amount (Column 7) – PayPal (Column 8).

Value added tax (€)

If a German partner includes the value-added tax, it will be calculated here.

Gross (€)

Net (Column 9) + Value added tax (Column 10).


Click “PDF” and create your invoice or refund automatically in PDF format. You can show this receipt, for example, at tax office as a proof of your income.