Social Proof Integration with Javascript

With our new feature, you can increase your conversions with just a few clicks and then build trust in your products!

How does the Social Proof Bubble work?

When your customer reaches your sales page, our Social Proof Bubble automatically appears at the bottom of the screen. Here is an example:

Beispiel für die Social Proof Bubble bei AffiliCon

In our first help centre article about the feature, you can learn more about the functions and the effect. 

How does the integration work?

The integration is done in a few steps: 

1. Create a new product and fill in all important information about it. (How to create a product correctly is explained in this article)

2. Click on the upper tab "extended settings" while you create the product.

3. Activate the Social Proof Bubble with a single click It is not necessary that you want to display the feature on your order form. So you can also click on "No" for the second selection. 

4. Copy the code that you will see under "Embed on your own page".

5. Now there are several possibilities, we show you how to embed the feature on your WordPress page:

Worspress integration with Thrive Architect

  1. Open the page where you want to install the feature with Thrive Architect.
  2. Then create the new element "Custom HTML" at any place.
Thrive Themebuilder HTML Element

3. Copy the code from "Embed on your page" from the My section and paste it into the empty element field.

4. Save it. (It is normal that the message "No preview available" is displayed)

WordPress integration with other builders

The integration with another theme builder works in a similar way to Thrive. 

Many theme builders have the possibility to add a new element for "HTML". This should be inserted on the desired page. The code from "Embed on your page" from your settings is copied and pasted into this element. After saving, the feature should appear on the page.

Do you have any questions about integrating the feature into other systems? Then write us a short message and we will get back to you within the next working day!

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