Supported parameters for completion and download link

In the following, we explain which options the field "Completion link / Download link" offers you as a vendor when setting up a product.

Sales page of your product

Please enter the URL of the website where the purchase link to this product is located.

Final link/download link

This field is used to enter the URL of the web page to which the customer should be redirected after a successful purchase. This can be a direct download link to a PDF document or software. Equally well, however, the login page for a membership area can also be linked here. In the case of shipping physical products, it can be forwarded to an information page that tells the customer approximately when he can expect the arrival of his order.

A useful entry could look like this:

You also have the option to pass parameters to the order in the URL, which you can then evaluate on your target server using GET.

URL parameters for ordering

The following variables are currently supported

  • %Vendor%
  • %Invoice number%
  • %First name%
  • %last name%
  • %Email address%
  • %Invoice amount%

So, for example, enter the following URL in the field:

Then you will receive from us a call to your website in the form:

Alternatively you can use any separator like "/" or "-": %invoiceamount%/

This would lead to a call in the following form:


If you need and want to evaluate additional variables, it is better to use our ITNS connection, which can automatically send you a wide range of information directly after the completion of a purchase.

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