Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions - whether you are a vendor, an affiliate or a customer.

Vendors & affiliates

Are there any fees or setup costs for registration with AffiliCon?

The registration with AffiliCon is completely free of charge. There are no running membership costs. You only pay a standard transaction fee of 7% + € 1 per purchase.

Are test purchases possible through the platform?

Yes. Using the test purchase feature, you can experience the complete customer journey in a sandbox environment. All commissions, order data, sales pages and purchase confirmation emails can be tested. Additionally, the transmission of shipping instructions, access credentials or download links can be verified.

Does AffiliCon prevent potential money laundering?

AffiliCon reduces the risk of money laundering to a minimum using various security measures. Each product on our platform goes through a review process. We immediately reject suspicious, fraudulent or illegal products. We have a risk management system and fully comply with all monitoring, documentation and evidence requirements.

Can I sell through AffiliCon as a small business owner?

As a non VAT registered company (in Germany called ‘Kleinunternehmer’), you can also sell your products through our platform. In this case, you do not need a VAT ID. Since AffiliCon is the legal reseller of your products, we are obliged to pay value-added tax. Therefore, you will always receive your commissions in net value.

Is my and my customers’ data safe with AffiliCon?

We do not store credit card details. Of course, we have the appropriate PCI certification for online retailers. Our payment partners are also PCI certified and are controlled by responsible authorities. The other data, which are necessary for the delivery of the purchased products or services, are stored encrypted in our system. Therefore, all your data is absolutely safe, if you purchase through our platform. Of course, our checkout is also secured by the latest standard through an authenticated SSL encryption.

Is AffiliCon controlled by the Federal Agency for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin)?

AffiliCon is the legal reseller of your products. Online retailers are not controlled by the Federal Agency for Financial Services Supervision (BaFin). However, we ensure that our partners, who support us with the payment processing, meet all necessary legal requirements.

What are the benefits of using a reseller model for online shops or vendors?

AffiliCon takes care of the complex VAT transfer (MOSS) in the EU for you. All products must be taxed with the value-added tax of the EU country in which the end consumer is based. With 28 EU countries and up to five different value-added tax rates per country, this means a considerable effort for every online retailer.

We take on this effort and always charge your customers the correct value-added tax. Moreover, we take care of the accounting and invoicing for you. You get a live overview of all your sales, commissions and payouts. You will receive documents verifying your according to tax law and will be paid out according to the chosen payout period. Thereby, your accounting including all value-added tax issues is compliant with the EU regulations.

Does AffiliCon support the complicated EU VAT logic (MOSS)?

An adjustment to the value-added tax law in Germany was introduced in January 2015. It states that all products sold online must be taxed with the value-added tax of the EU country in which the end consumer is based.
We have implemented all of these requirements for all conceivable product categories in our platform and launched it punctually on January 1, 2015. That means no matter where you sell your product, we always charge the customer the correct value-added tax. Be it a book which is physically delivered to Austria and therefore taxed at 10% VAT, or an e-book bought in France, which is only taxable at the reduced tax rate of 5.5%, as well as a webinar which, for example, ist taxable at 17% VAT for participants from Luxembourg.

Since we act as your reseller and you only sell your products to us, all you have to do is to hand our payout documents to your tax advisor. The central MOSS reports to the Federal Central Tax Office must only be placed by AffiliCon, because AffiliCon GmbH is in every case the official, legal and fiscal seller of the product (the so-called "merchant of record").

Can I sell physical products through AffiliCon?

Physical products can also be sold through AffiliCon. Our solution for individual delivery costs allows you to manually adjust the costs for delivery according to various countries. Additionally, you can exclude countries from the delivery. It is also possible to provide delivery costs covering a whole region, e.g. only the EU countries participating in the euro payment zone. The delivery costs can be determined gross for the end customers, or alternatively net, if you only sell your products business-to-business.

For which product providers is AffiliCon the right partner?

AffiliCon is the right partner for every product provider, regardless of whether you are a small business owner or sell e.g. seminars with annual turner of over 20 million euros. Our system is user-friendly designed and none of your transactions are lost. You can easily track and manage all payments, be it commissions or payouts.

Why do I earn more money, if I use AffiliCon's services?

As a vendor, you can use affiliate marketing to sell your product through our platform to increase your sales. As an affiliate you have the opportunity to advertise the products displayed on our marketplace. Since the selection is very large, you have a variety of successful products at your disposal. Thanks to our conversion-optimized order forms, which you can customize individually to your product and website, you increase your sales numbers significantly compared to using other order processes.

How often do I get paid out and when do I receive my commission?

The payment of credit amounts for product sales and affiliate commissions are released from 100 euro net. Please enter the billing information in your account in order to be paid out punctually. Attention: For our new vendors and affiliates we apply 100% security retention within the first payment cycle in order to observe the return rate of the product. This way we avoid account over-payments. The “security retention” is part of your commission, which we will retain if any chargebacks were to occur (also returns) or accounting errors around the sales. After eight weeks the security deposit will be released according to the number of sales:

1 Sale = 100% Security retention

2-3 Sales = 50% Security retention

4-10 Sales = 20% Security retention

> 11 Sales = 10% Security retention

The commissions are paid out monthly, every two weeks or weekly according to the payout period which you can adjust manually in your account.

How does AffiliCon process returns, cancellations or revocations for my customers?

We take care of returns, cancellations, and revocations for you. If one of your customers would like to return a product, please proceed as follows. 

  1. Your customer should first contact you, as the vendor. Please check the return claim.

  2. If the return is justified, send the invoice number to our support team via We will immediately arrange a refund for your customer.

  3. If your customer contacts our support initially, we will forward the refund request to you as the vendor. Please respond to the forwarded email within 48 hours. If this period expires, we will arrange the refund for your customer in order to prevent chargebacks done by your customers.

We arrange the refunds for returns, cancellations, and revocations between you and your customers free of charge, as long as those requests comply in a standard way. Only in the case of returns that are not classified as standard (i.e. manual chargebacks on credit cards, direct debit or PayPal), we have to invoice you as vendor 10,66 €. It is an administrative fee coming from payment providers.

Please note that we can also handle partial returns and grant your customers a partial refund of the total amount (e.g. 50% of the total price). If an affiliate participates in the sale commission in the case of a not standardized return, the affiliate bears a share of the fee based on the amount of the percentage commission due to the affiliate.

I only work business-to-business. Does AffiliCon support this business model?

Since B2B customers are usually only interested in how much a product costs net, AffiliCon allows you to define the price of your product as a net price. The gross price is then adjusted on your checkout depending on the VAT rate.

Ich arbeite mit Unternehmenskunden. Wird dies auch von AffiliCon unterstützt?

Da es Unternehmenskunden meist nur interessiert, wie viel ein Produkt netto kostet, kannst Du bei AffiliCon den Preis Deines Produkts auch als Nettopreis definieren. Hier wird dann der Bruttopreis je nach USt-Satz angepasst und ist somit variabel.

Vendor & affiliate support

Tim Langenbahn

+49 221 985 935 200


How do I recognize that my order was successful?

Immediately after the purchase, we send you an order confirmation by email. Then you can check again that everything is as it should be.

I have not received any order confirmation. However, the money was charged.

There is no order confirmation in your inbox? Please take a look in your spam folder. Probably our message was just misdirected. Nothing in the spam folder? Maybe there was an error while entering the email address. Send us a short message via: We will fix everything for you!

What is the delivery status of my order?

The product provider is responsible for sending the purchased goods to your address. He will certainly provide you with information about the status of your delivery. Take a look at the order confirmation, here you will find the contact details of the product provider. Or: send us a message via
We take care of your request and the product supplier contacts you with the required information as soon as possible.

I have not received my purchased goods yet.

You can purchase various types of products through our platform. Therefore, the ways how your purchase arrives to you are also different.

1. Did you buy a digital product (e.g. e-book, PDF, video)? Then you have already received your purchase from us. Look again at the order confirmation that you received immediately after the purchase. Here you will find a download link or your personal login data to the membership area. Just click the link in the order confirmation.

2. Or have you purchased goods that will be sent to you by post? Then write us a short message via We will check it with the vendor for you, so that they prepare your package and send it to you on the trip.

I would like to send back or return goods. How do I do that?

Just write to us at: We will take the product provider onboard for you. Or: Just have a look at your order confirmation. Here you will find the contact details of the seller who can coordinate the return directly.

Why did I receive the payment reminder?

A payment reminder is sent automatically if, for example, we were unable to charge money from your bank account or the purchase was charged back. We will share our bank details again so that you can transfer the purchase amount to us.

Customer support

Meike Baumkamp

+49 221 985 935 0