Questions about a purchased product?

We are here for you! Drop us a line or take a look at our help centre to get the right answers to your questions.


How do I recognize that my order was successful?

Immediately after the purchase, we send you an order confirmation by email. Then you can check again that everything is as it should be.

I have not received any order confirmation. However, the money was charged.

There is no order confirmation in your inbox? Please take a look in your spam folder. Probably our message was just misdirected. Nothing in the spam folder? Maybe there was an error while entering the email address. Send us a short message via: We will fix everything for you!

What is the delivery status of my order?

The product provider is responsible for sending the purchased goods to your address. He will certainly provide you with information about the status of your delivery. Take a look at the order confirmation, here you will find the contact details of the product provider. Or: send us a message via
We take care of your request and the product supplier contacts you with the required information as soon as possible.

Ich habe meine bestellte Ware bisher nicht erhalten.

I have not received my purchased goods yet.

You can purchase various types of products through our platform. Therefore, the ways how your purchase arrives to you are also different.

1. Did you buy a digital product (e.g. e-book, PDF, video)? Then you have already received your purchase from us. Look again at the order confirmation that you received immediately after the purchase. Here you will find a download link or your personal login data to the membership area. Just click the link in the order confirmation.

2. Or have you purchased goods that will be sent to you by post? Then write us a short message via We will check it with the vendor for you, so that they prepare your package and send it to you on the trip.

Ich möchte meine Waren retournieren/zurücksenden.

I would like to send back or return goods. How do I do that?

Just write to us at: We will take the product provider onboard for you. Or: Just have a look at your order confirmation. Here you will find the contact details of the seller who can coordinate the return directly.

Warum habe ich eine Zahlungserinnerung erhalten?

Why did I receive the payment reminder?

A payment reminder is sent automatically if, for example, we were unable to charge money from your bank account or the purchase was charged back. We will share our bank details again so that you can transfer the purchase amount to us.

You have another question? Write to us.

You have another request and would like to contact us personally? Then fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.