As a vendor you sell your products through us. Our principle is very simple: With a few clicks you can integrate our order form on your homepage. That's it. We will then take over the most important tasks for your business, such as payment processing and tax matters. So you can sit back and relax and watch your revenue grow.

More features

To make shopping as easy as possible for your customers, you can configure your order process yourself. In addition, wie offer numerous sales-enhancing features such as upsells, cross-sells or subscriptions.


With a 1-Click-Upsell you can offer your customers one or more products after purchase. Up to 20% of your customers buy an additional upsell product.


You can offer your customers one or more additional products on the order page. There you will find a box labelled "Other customers also bought". This is where up to 25% of your customers will buy.


Increase your revenue with recurring income. We charge the subscription rate to your customers in the desired flexible cycle.

Trust elements

With our security and quality seals your customers can be confident in their decision to purchase. Thus increasing your conversion rate.


With a few clicks you can add your testimonials to your order form. This creates trust through social proof and increases the conversion rate.


Your customers buy and we automatically send them the PDF ticket by e-mail. It's so easy to sell seminars and events.

Affiliate management

Cooperate with our affiliates and let advertising experts multiply your sales!


Du hast internationale Kunden? Kein Problem. Wir bieten unsere Bestellprozess in Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch und Italienisch an.


A voucher can be the decisive trigger for the purchase decision. Make your customers irresistible offers.

Joint Venture

Find the perfect partner for your business. Together as a team, you can get the most out of your work. 

Do you send many parcels? Then use our optional fulfillment service. Your orders will be automatically transmitted to our logistics provider. He will send your packages and takes care of returns.

Less effort

Our tasks? Anything you don't enjoy. We will help you with any administrative or technical issues regarding your business, like payment procedures, bills or taxes. AffiliCon makes sure that you'll be able to relax and benefit at the same time.

Vendor support

Tim Langenbahn

+49 221 985 935 200

7 + 1 = Easy

Our payment rules are easy: You’ll receive your payment if the profit you made is € 100 or more. You decide upon the payment frequency! Sell your products with us and pay only 7% plus € 1 for a transaction. There are no running or hidden costs.Of course, it’s possible to minimize the fee, if you generate a lot of revenue or sell high-priced!

Any questions? You’ll find the answers in our FAQ.

If not: Send us a message or call our support team. We’re happy to help!

Your benefits

You can get an even better conversion rate with our optimized payment forms. With a simple purchase process, your customers will be happier. 

TV was yesterday - AffiliCon is today! For the digital marketing of our products, AffiliCon offers an excellent platform for the digital marketing of our products. We appreciate the uncomplicated cooperation with our personal contact person!"

André Streckenbach
Agentur Streckenbach

“As an entrepreneur, I mainly pay attention to the conversion rate, because it determines my profit. With Affilicon I have achieved the best rates in all possible branches - that is why I choose Affilicon”.

Pascal Feyh
Mehr Geschäft