Store billing information

We attach great importance to paying you on time as a product provider or affiliate. For the timely billing of your account, we need your support: Please maintain the billing information in your account.

Edit account data

1. Click on the blue rectangle with the AffiliCon ID in your account and then "Account settings".

Account-Einstellungen auf der Affilicon-Plattform

2. Under Account Settings, click on Billing Information.

Zahlungsinformationen hinterlegen

3. In a new window you will be shown the billing information already saved in the account. If you have not yet saved any data or if the billing information is no longer up-to-date, click "Edit data".

Zahlungsinformationen hinterlegen bei affilicon

4. Fill out the form with your personal details (first and last name, current address, telephone number and VAT ID if applicable).

Zahlungsdaten aktualisieren bei AffiliCon

5. Select the desired payout frequency from the drop-down menu. Your account can be paid out weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you wish, the payout can be withheld.

Auszahlungsrhythmus festlegen

6. Now select the desired payment method from the drop-down menu. We offer you two alternatives: SEPA bank transfer or payment via PayPal.

Zahlungsweg bearbeiten bei affilicon

7. Lastly, select your business status from the drop-down menu. You can sell through the AffiliCon platform as a small business owner as well as a taxable company.

Als Kleinunternehmer bei AffiliCon verkaufen

Please change your entrepreneur status as soon as your company has become liable for VAT. 8.

8. finally click on "save".