Selling as a small business owner

You can also sell your products via our platform as a small business owner without any problems. You do not need a VAT ID, but only your tax number. Since AffiliCon GmbH is the reseller and is above the turnover limit for small businesses, we have to pay the VAT. Therefore, we always have to charge the 19% VAT (or the respective country-specific VAT) to your end customers. You will always receive your commission payments net.

When registering, you can choose whether you are a small business owner or liable to pay tax. You can also change this later. To do this, click on your AffiliCon ID in the top right-hand corner of your account and then on "Administration" -> "Billing information" -> "Edit data". There you will find the field "Entrepreneur status". Select your status and click on "Save".

Als Kleinunternehmer bei AffiliCon verkaufen