CleverReach is one of the leading solution providers for email marketing with more than 160,000 customers in 152 countries. The software enables direct communication between companies and their customers.

Connect CleverReach

1. the following must first be carried out in the My area after logging in to

a. First create a product in your My-Area or select "Edit" for an already existing product in order to connect it to CleverReach.
b. Then go to the tab "Connections" and select the provider CleverReach in the drop-down menu "Add connection". 2.

2. in order to receive your list ID and API key, please log in to now.

a. If you want to create a new group, please select "Create group" and fill in the necessary information. However, if you have already created a group, please click on "Groups" and then select the desired group.
b. Then click on "Settings" in the navigation menu and select "General". You can find the list ID here:

List ID

c. Solltest Du den API-Key bereits erstellt haben, findest Du diesen unter Account → Extras → API.


If you still need to create this, please click on "Create API Key" in the top right-hand corner under Account → Extras → API.

neuer API-Key

Give this API key a purpose and then click on save. Your API key has now been created.


4. Now add these two pieces of information to the fields provided in the My section of the AffiliCon and then click on "Add".