Clickbank INS 4.0 Emulation

The connection to Clickbank INS 4.0 emulation simulates calls in such a way that they look to third-party systems as if they came from Clickbank 4.0. This means that all systems that are compatible with Clickbank 4.0 must also work with AffiliCon in this mode.

Please follow the steps below to connect to Clickbank 4.0.

1. first create a product in your My-Area or select "Edit" for an already existing product. 2. then go to the "Edit" tab.

2. Then go to the tab "Connections" and select "Clickbank INS 4.0 Emulation" in the drop-down menu "+ Add connection".

3. Log in to the corresponding tool that you want to connect to.

4. let the tool generate the ITNS URL for you. Then insert this URL into the corresponding field:

Integration mit Clickbank für affilicon einrichten

5. If necessary, add the secret key.

6. Click on add.

7. Your connection to the Clickbank INS 4.0 emulation is now set up.