AffiliCon receives a standard fee of 7% + €1 from the sales price of a product per successful transaction. The rest is paid to your account as a vendor/offeror. If you involve affiliates in your product, the profit is automatically paid out to vendor and affiliate in the ratio of the previously determined percentage.


Example calculation

For a better understanding, we have listed an example calculation here: In the example, the product costs the customer € 119 gross or € 100 net. The affiliate receives a commission of 75% for his referral in this example.

The sales process


The product has a value of


The AffiliCon fee is

119,00 x 7% + 1€ = 9,33€

Total paid out

100,00 € - 9,33 € = 90,67 €

Payout amount as affiliate

90,67 € x 75% = 68,00 €

Payout amount as vendor

90,67 € x 25% = 22,67 €

Your commission is always paid on time and you can determine the payment frequency yourself: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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