Joint Ventures

With AffiliCon Joint Ventures (JV) you can give your business partners a percentage of your sales. Unlike working with affiliates, the beneficiaries do not have to promote your products themselves, but will automatically share in all your realised sales.

Features of joint ventures

  • You can have as many business partners as you like participate in the sales of your account.
  • Each joint venture partner needs an account with AffiliCon.
  • The sum of the joint venture shares must add up to 100%.


Account A's sales commissions are split as follows:

  • Account A receives 40% of the sales commissions
  • Account B receives 30% of the sales commission
  • Account C receives 15% of the sales commission
  • Account D receives 15% of the sales commissions

Joint ventures can only be created on an account basis and not on a product basis. This means that the sales commissions of all sales are always shared and not those of individual products.

The sales commissions earned by the joint venture are visible with each settlement in the accounts involved in the joint venture under "Reports" → "Payments".

How do I set up the joint venture?

The set-up of the joint ventures is done by our Tech Support.

Please write an email to and provide the following information:

  • Name all AffiliCon IDs to be involved in the joint venture (including the account to be split).
  • Mention the individual commission rates for the respective account as in the example above.