Maropost is a cloud-based revenue optimisation solution. Maropost enables businesses to increase customer engagement across multiple channels and can therefore maximise revenue.

Connect Maropost

1. First create a product in your administration area or select "Edit" for an existing product to connect it to Maropost.

2. Then go to the tab "Connections" and select the provider Maropost in the drop-down menu "Add connection".

Anbindung Maropost einrichten

3. You will now need your "API-Key", "List-ID" and your "Account-Number". To do this, please log into your Maropost account. In the settings, click on the "Connections" tab.

4. In the "API Key" section you can create a new API key for AffiliCon. Copy the value and paste it into the corresponding lines in the AffiliCon administration area.

5. To get the missing values for the "List-ID" and the "Account-Number", please open the list you created for AffiliCon and take the two values from the URL.
In this example, the "Account-Number" is 1130 and the "List-ID" is 16.

If you have not yet created a list, please click on E-mails → Contacts and then on "New List" in the top right-hand corner.

6. Create new segments.

Click on "EMAIL" and then on "Segments" to create a new segment.

7. now enter your desired tags.

Click on "Add" to set up the connection to Maropost.

I do not have a List ID. Can I use Maropost without a list ID?

Yes, this is possible by using Maropost without our "normal" Maropost connection. Instead, you can use our ITNS link (click here for instructions) with the following POST request: This link allows AffiliCon to communicate directly with Maropost without you using our standard connection. This guide explains how to do this: