ONTRAPORT is a powerful automation and reporting platform for visual marketing.


You can register for ONTRAPORT under this link.


1. the following must first be carried out in the administration area after your log-in to my.affilicon.net:

a. First create a product in your administration area or select "Edit" for an existing product.

b. Then go to the "Connections" tab in the product area and select the provider ONTRAPORT in the drop-down menu "Add connection". 2.

2. in order to receive your App ID and your API Key, please log in now at www.ontraport.com. Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner and select "Administration". Under the heading "Integrations" click on "ONTRAPORT API INSTRUCTIONS AND KEY MANAGER". There you can manage your APIs. You will receive an "API ID" and an "API KEY". 3.

You then add these two values to the "App ID" and "API Key" fields in the My area of the AffiliCon and then click on "Add".

Anbindung zu Ontraport

From now on, all sales of this product will be automatically transferred to your ONTRAPORT account.

For further questions on this topic, please contact ONTRAPORT support directly.