Product category

You must assign a category to all your products. This is important because different product categories have different VAT rates.

We make sure that the correct VAT rate is paid to the tax office. In addition, different features are activated depending on the delivery type (e.g. shipping costs for physical products or eTicket shipping for seminars).

Select the drop-down menu under your respective product → Edit → Category.

You can set the following categories for your products:

  • Membership access
  • Webinars / telephone coaching
  • Web design, SEO & online marketing
  • Download
  • Physical
  • Mixed (download and physical)
  • Seminars
  • Seminars (VAT exempt)
  • For some categories a subcategory will open automatically.

If you would like to offer VAT-exempt seminars, please contact our support team at As soon as you have proven your VAT exemption, we will activate this function for you.

If you cannot find a suitable category for your product or are not sure about the classification, please contact our support.

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