SendCloud is a shipping tool with which you can create shipping labels, send track & trace emails, handle returns and much more.

Connect SendCloud with affilicon

1. Create an account with SendCloud.

2. In order to enable the integration, we need to create a shipping list for you. This will be sent to you daily. Please send the following information to

  •  Your email address
  • The product IDs of the products to be sent.
  • The desired time of the dispatch list dispatch.

3. You will receive a daily shipping list (CSV file) with the products you have sold.

4. You import this CSV file into SendCloud. To do this, click on the "Upload file" button in the SendCloud header.

5. Here you have to create a so-called "preset" once during the initial setup. This enables the data from AffiliCon to be compatible with SendCloud. To do this, click on "No, create a new one".

6. There you must now assign the fields necessary for the dispatch (e.g. name, city, address) to our CSV file. For fields that are not absolutely necessary (e.g. payment amount), select "Skip field".

7. When you click on "Save" the preset is created and the data is imported into SendCloud.

8. For the next mailing list you only need to select the preset you have just generated and upload the list to SendCloud. Steps 1-2 and 5-7 are not necessary.

9. your shipping labels are ready to print.

Do you also need a partner for the storage of your products?

Then use our internal logistics service! You can store your parcels with us. We will then send them automatically as soon as they are sold. You can find more information here.