With the AffiliCon WooCommerce gateway, you extend WooCommerce with the convenient AffiliCon checkout.

Your customers select AffiliCon as the payment method on the checkout page and are immediately taken to our order form.

AffiliCon then takes care of the subsequent processes for you and automatically transmits the status of your orders to WooCommerce.


  • AffiliCon Vendor-Account
  • WordPress Version 4.7
  • Active WooCommerce-Plugin from Version 3.0.4


Step 1: Download plugin (click here)

Step 2: Install plugin in WordPress

Option A: Upload with the WordPress plugin installer
1. click on "Plugins" in the left-hand side menu, then on "Install

2. click on "Upload plugin" next to the headline

Select the previously downloaded plug-in and click on "Install now".

Option B: Upload with FTP

Unpack the plugin and place it in the root directory of your WordPress installation via FTP.

It should then be located under /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-AffiliCon-payment-gateway.

Step 3: Activate the plugin

Activate the plugin under WordPress → Plugins → WooCommerce AffiliCon Payment Gateway by clicking on "Activate".

Adaptation / Configuration

In order to use the AffiliCon payment gateway as a payment method in the WooCommerce checkout, only a few settings need to be made in the AffiliCon Payment Settings in WooCommerce. First you need your Vendor ID, the Secret Key and if necessary a Checkout Form Config ID.


You can find your vendor ID in your AffiliCon account in the administration area at the top right in the main navigation.

In our case it is "victor-vendor" (see below).

You can find more information about the Vendor-ID here.

Definition of a secret key in the account settings in the AffiliCon administration area

A secret key must be used to encrypt the form data. You can generate this in your AffiliCon administration area by clicking on your vendor name → Account settings → API → Secret key → Generate.

Click on the button to copy the secret key to the clipboard.

1. Go to the account settings

Account-Einstellungen auf der Affilicon-Plattform

2. Copy Secret Key

Secret Key bei AffiliCon für Anbindungen

Now log in to the admin area of WordPress. Click on WooCommerce → Settings in the left side menu, then on the right on the tab Checkout → AffiliCon Payment.

Then add the Vendor ID and the Secret Key in the respective fields.


Use AffiliCon Payment

Use this option to switch the payment method on or off.

Use Sandbox

By activating this option, the checkout process is carried out in the sandbox. Sandbox is a test environment isolated from the operating system where test purchases can be simulated.

Show Test Purchase payment method in checkout form

This option activates the payment method "test purchase".

Optional: The Checkout Form Config ID allows you to assign an order form configuration to an existing AffiliCon product.

The Checkout Form Config ID determines the design of the checkout page for the entire shopping cart (header, background colour, etc.).

If you wish, enter the product ID of the corresponding product from your AffiliCon administration area here.

If the field remains empty or the specified product is not available or not yet released, the order form will be displayed in its standard version in the checkout process. As soon as you have made all the settings, click on "Save changes".


It is only possible to enter a voucher on the AffiliCon order form. The synchronisation of vouchers between AffiliCon and WooCommerce will follow soon. In order not to confuse your buyers in the meantime, you should hide the WooCommerce vouchers until then. Please note that you have to activate the use of coupons for the respective products in your AffiliCon administration area.

To activate the vouchers, click Edit Product → Advanced Settings → Use Vouchers → Activate.

You can find more information about creating vouchers here.


You can also sell subscriptions via our WooCommerce plugin. Please note that the modern order form theme must be activated for this. You can find this under Edit product → Order form configurator → Design/Layout → Select theme → Modern (Flat-Design / Responsive).

Cross-Sellings and Upsells

Please note that the use of cross-sells and upsells is currently not possible. The synchronisation of cross-sells and upsells between AffiliCon and WooCommerce is planned.

Prepare WooCommerce products for the AffiliCon checkout

In order for the AffiliCon checkout process to be able to process the WooCommerce products, it is urgently necessary to enter the AffiliCon product ID in the respective WooCommerce products. To do this, click on Products in the left-hand side menu and select a product from the list that is also active in the AffiliCon administration area.

Further down in the product data, click on General. In the lower area you enter the product ID of the AffiliCon product.

You have now made all the necessary settings for selling your products via WooCommerce and AffiliCon.

By activating the sandbox or the test purchase payment method in the WooCommerce plugin settings, you can now test your settings.