Order form configurator

With the order form configurator you can customise and design your order form according to your wishes. In the following steps we would like to show you how to use our order form configurator.

Click on "Edit" in your respective product and now select the tab "Order form". In this menu you can make all settings for the order form.

Adjustment of the header

1. you can either use the default AffiliCon header or upload your own header into the configurator.

2. upload a header of your choice by clicking on the "Settings" selection.

The following window now opens:

Konfigurierbares Bestellformular auf affilicon

Configurable order form on affilicon

3. Click on "Add an image" and then on "Upload a new image".

4. Select a locally saved image (please be sure to follow the size instructions).

5. When the image is uploaded, it will appear in the view.

6. Click on it again and you are done. You have now selected the header image for this product.

7. In this view you can also switch on or off all points such as safety instructions, logo, separator line and order button. You determine this via the ticks.

Move elements

All elements of the order form can be moved throughout the entire document. For example, if you want to move the shopping basket from the header to a position in the middle of the order form, simply drag and drop it. It works the same way with all other elements of the order form.

Creation of testimonials

To add the testimonials to the order form, please do the following:

1. Click on "Add item" and select Testimonials. The section will now appear on the order form.

2. Now click on "Settings" in the Testimonials field and the following window will open:

Konfigurierbares Bestellformular auf affilicon

3. Now enter the headline and the footer text for the testimonials.

4. Then click on "Add new testimonial" and the following view will appear:

5. To add a picture to your testimonial, select "Add a picture".

6. Now enter the name and the text in the fields provided and then click on "Apply".

The number of testimonials that can be added is unlimited. However, we recommend that you do not use more than four testimonials. Please save the entire template again by clicking on "Save" at the bottom left.

Explanation navigation bar

1. undo

With this selection you can undo settings you have previously made.

2, Restore

Here you can restore a setting that has been undone.

3. Design/Layout

In this menu you can select the design theme and configure the background of your order form. For example, you can insert an image or change the background colour.

We recommend the theme "Modern (Flat-Design / Responsive)", as this is mobile-optimised and therefore displays cleanly on all devices (desktop, smartphones or laptops).

You can also adjust the orientation of the order form (vertical, horizontal, repetition, scrolling).

If required, you can set the distance of the background image from the edge of the window.

Konfigurierbares Bestellformular auf affilicon


4. preview

With the preview button you can preview your order form at any time.

Here a pop-up opens with the current changes.

Add more elements

1. To add further elements to the order form, please click on the button "Add element".

2. The following window opens:

Konfigurierbares Bestellformular auf affilicon3

3. Here you can choose from the following elements: Image, Seal of Approval, Testimonials, Text or Video.

4. Select an element and then click on "Add".

5. You can use this process as often as you like.

The elements can be edited individually by clicking on their "Settings". An editing mask will open for the respective element in the order form configurator.