Advanced Affiliate Tracking

We would like to give you a brief explanation of the extended affiliate tracking and the use of cookies.

This information is aimed at experienced vendors who want to generate a large number of landing pages themselves. For the initial setup, the help of our technical support is required. Typically, as a vendor, you will want to use our Marketplace or Landing Pages features to generate affiliate links instead.

In order for the purchases to be tracked, the affiliate must use the correct link and set a cookie with the potential customer. These links set the affiliate cookie and also overwrite old AffiliCon cookie information ("last cookie wins"): 

Our cookies are valid indefinitely. They remain until they are deleted by the user.


More information about the parameters












Note for affiliates

All parameters must always be "urlencoded", i.e. the special characters must be rewritten in a URL-compatible way. This tool (click here) can help you with this.

The result looks like this, for example:

Note for vendors

The shopping basket link itself can of course also be firmly assigned to an affiliate by this method. However, this would mean that all purchases would only be assigned to one affiliate, even if you previously came to the sales form via another affiliate cookie link!

On neutral sales pages, the shopping basket link must be called up neutrally, for example like this:

The parameter accountId (mandatory with capital i) must always be set if it differs from "default1". The account ID of the vendor is mandatory for tracking. The account ID is not identical to the account name of the vendor. Vendors receive their account ID (e.g. a12b34c1) on request from technical support.