Food at the reduced VAT rate of 7%

Can I sell food at the reduced VAT rate of 7%?

Yes, you can sell food through us at the reduced VAT rate of 7%. The prerequisite for this is that we receive proof from you. This must clearly show that your product can be sold at the reduced VAT rate.


Evidence for activation

We accept the following documents as proof:

the invoice from the manufacturer of the products
a confirmation from the tax office
a successful VAT audit certificate
a customs tariff information for VAT purposes

Example: You buy a food product from the manufacturer / supplier. The manufacturer/supplier charges you 7% (or 10% in Austria) VAT. This entitles you to sell your product through us at the reduced rate of 7%.

How do I enable the function?

1. get the authorisation showing that you are allowed to sell food at the reduced rate of 7%.

2. please send the proof to After successful verification, we will activate the function for you immediately. 3.

You can then select the category "reduced food" in your account under "Edit product".

 In order for your account to be settled with 7% VAT in the commission statement, the affiliate commission "Adjusted" must be used in your account under "Edit product", regardless of whether you want to work with affiliates or not. The "slider" should no longer be used.

Please read and sign the liability release declaration. By doing so, you guarantee that all advertising material and products of the dietary supplements do not violate applicable law, in particular the German Unfair Competition Act (UWG) and the German Therapeutic Products Act (Heilmittelrecht).

Click here to download the liability release declaration (Download). Please also sign and send this document to


Please note that we cannot retroactively adjust the VAT for products already sold at a non-reduced rate in your and/or your customers' invoices. Therefore, do not start selling until the product category "reduced food" has been activated.