Promote products as affiliate

On the Marketplace page you will find many successful products from our vendors. In the following, we explain the individual steps on how you can advertise products on our marketplace.

You can search for a specific programme in the "Our products" search field. If you don't have anything specific in mind, you can select a category to the right. Now you will only see the products from the previously selected category.


For this example, we have chosen the category Health, Fitness and Nutrition. For each product you can see what it is and how much affiliate commission you will receive in percent and euros.

Under the "Apply Now" button on the right-hand side, there are the links "Help for Affiliates" and "View Sales Page". This is additional help that the vendor provides you with for his product.

1. Click on the "Apply Now" button.

2. this opens a new window.

Affiliate Linsk erstellen mit Affilicon

a. Please enter your ID in the "My AffiliCon ID" field. This is used to allocate your sales and thus your commissions to your account.

b. The field "My Tracking ID" is optional. It helps you to better allocate your advertising activities. For example, you can assign different tracking IDs to the same product and thus analyse which of your advertising activities for the respective product has a better conversion.

c. Next, click on "Create Hoplink". 3.

3. you will now be offered two variants of the HTML code:

Affiliate Provisionen verdienen


  • Use the first HTML code for your blog or website.
  • Use the second HTML code for your emails or Facebook

How can I check if my hop link is working?

1. Click on your generated hop link.

2. Then click on the "Buy" button on your landing page.

3. scroll to the bottom of the AffiliCon order form. Here you will see your AffiliCon ID in square brackets:

4. if you can see your ID down there (here in the example: "demo-account-affilicon"), the commission will be credited to you for each successful transaction.


For the vendors

Please send your affiliates the marketplace link that you can find in the overview of your marketplace entries in your administration area.