Returns, cancellations, revocations

We handle returns, cancellations and revocations for you. If one of your customers would like to return a product, please proceed as follows.

Return process

In 3 steps:
  • Your customer should first contact you as the vendor so that you can check the return.
  • If the return is justified, please report the relevant invoice number to our support team at
  • We will then immediately arrange a credit note for your customer.

If your customer contacts our support initially, we will forward the return request to you as vendor. Please respond to the forwarded e-mail within 48 hours. If this period expires, we will arrange the credit note for your customer in order to prevent chargeable chargebacks by your customers.

In the case of a credit note, you as a vendor will also be credited with the entire AffiliCon fees. You as a vendor and the buyer will receive an e-mail notification of the completed return.

You can also see the successfully completed return in your account in the "Reports" tab. Please note that in some cases it may take some time until the refund is visible on the buyer's account.


As long as returns, cancellations or revocations are processed using the above procedure, we will process the credit for you and your customer completely free of charge. Only in the case of non-standard returns (such as chargebacks for credit cards and return debit notes for ELV and PayPal) do we have to charge you as a vendor 10.66 euros.

By the way, we can also process partial returns. This means that your buyer will be refunded part of the total amount (e.g. 50% of the price). This is because the payment providers charge us a chargeback fee for the additional work involved. In the event of a chargeback, if an affiliate shares in the commission of the sale, the affiliate will bear a portion of the fee equal to the percentage commission due to the affiliate.