Social Proof Bubble

With our Social Proof feature, you can show your customers how popular your product is. And it's easily integrated into your order form.

How does the Social Proof Bubble work?

When your customer reaches the order form, our Social Proof Bubble appears automatically at the bottom of the screen. The small pop-up window contains important information about recent purchases. Here is an example:

Beispiel für die Social Proof Bubble bei AffiliCon

Of course, the Social Proof Bubble is only displayed when a certain number of sales have been made. This way we make sure that your sales are increased fully automatically.

Our feature is not displayed on mobile devices. Why? We want to make sure that the Social Proof Bubble does not cover any important fields of the order form.

Activation of the feature

You can activate the Social Proof Bubble in just a few steps. We show you how it works.

1. create a new product in your dashboard and fill in all the important information about it. (How to create a product correctly is explained here).

2. Click on the "Advanced settings" tab while creating the product.

Erweiterte Einstellung zum Bearbeiten der Produkte bei AffiliCon

3. Activate the Social Proof Bubble with one click and make sure that you also agree to the display in the order form. Both sliders should be set to "Yes".

Aktivierung des Social Proof Features bei AffiliCon


Embedding in your own page

You want to embed our Social Proof Bubble in your own page? Then read our help centre article about it. There we have explained everything step by step.