Scan tickets at the entrance

If you sell tickets for seminars or other events via AffiliCon, you can check these tickets at the entrance to your event with a barcode scanner. How to create an e-ticket is explained in this article.

Check and scan the e-tickets

1. Make sure you have an internet connection at the access control location.

2. log into your AffiliCon account at

3. call up the page in a new window.


4. Then connect the barcode scanner to your laptop or tablet. You can get the barcode scanner from Amazon (e.g. this scanner for PCs and laptops).

5. then scan the tickets of your participants at the entrance.



If participants do not have their ticket with them in paper form or if the barcode cannot be scanned for other reasons, the ticket number can also be entered by hand without spaces (then submit the form by pressing Enter). The ticket number is the first sequence of numbers in the line "affilicon eTicket".

6. The status of the ticket is displayed on your laptop or tablet ("ok", "already redeemed", "ticket number not available" or "cancelled").


Ticket redeemed:

Ticket has already been redeemed:

Wrong ticket:

Buyer has returned ticket: