How do I read the „Sales“ table?

Under the menu item "My reports" you can choose from three different tables: "Commissions", "Sales" and "Payment". In the following we explain how to read the table "Sales".






You can find out on which day the product was purchased here.


You can find out at what time the product was purchased here.


This order number has been assigned to the sales process. After clicking on the order number, further information appears that the customer may have provided in the payment process (e.g. telephone number, address).

Price (€)

This is the price of the product sold. If a negative amount appears here, the product was returned by the customer.

Product name

This is the name of the product sold. The vendor has previously given this name to the product.


This affiliate brokered the sale of the product.

Customer name

This customer bought the product.

Customer mail

The customer has provided this email address in the sales process.


The type of sale appears here. The purchase can be made in different ways: e.g. subscription payment, product purchase, voucher. If the product was returned, "Credit note (direct debit)" appears here.

Weitere Funktionen




The search function allows you to find information quickly. The advanced search offers an even more precise search.

Export as CSV

The function "export as CSV" allows the smooth download of the displayed information.

Turn pages

The table can contain several pages. To turn the pages, you will find the buttons to the right of the search function.