Test period

For subscription products, you have the option to set a trial period for your customers. The first period is independent from other payments. For the maximum of 60 days long trial period you can set a lower price (for example trial period 1€, afterwards 29,99€ monthly).

How do you set up a trial period for your subscription product?

To set up the trial period, select a subscription product in your My-Area under “Administration”. Under the tab “Product data” in the product settings you will then find the setting options ” Brutto price first cycle” and “Duration of the first cycle” with which you can determine the test period. After the duration of the first cycle the first regular subscription payment for your customer will be due.

If you also select “Trial period” in ” Advanced settings”, your customer will see the note “Subscription with trial period (ends on (date))” in the order form. However, the check mark is not mandatory for the trial period, it only serves as a note on the order form: