Payment options

Generally, you can pay via credit card (VISA or Mastercard), PayPal, debit, Klarna, and prepayment. However, the payment options may differ from order to order. It is up to the vendor to decide which payment options they will accept. Prepayment however is always a valid payment option.


We debit from your account immediately so the order will be in your hands as quickly as possible. We then inform the vendor so they can start the shipment process right away.

Basically, it is similar to buying something in a supermarket: You choose the product. Then you pay at the checkout counter and then the product is yours.


You may also pay for your order using prepayment. Just tell us what and how much you want to order. Once you have transferred the money we take on all the rest and make sure your order is being sent to your address of choice.


We take care of everything surrounding the topic of payments for our vendors. Therefore, you will find our name both on your bill as well as on your bank statement. In most cases you will find your bill attached to your order confirmation. If you cannot find it, just send us a message via and we will send you your bill attached to our response.

Payment reminder

Payment reminders are sent automatically if we, for example, are not able to debit from your account or if the payment has been reversed by your bank. The payment reminder contains our bank details so you will be able to transfer the payment.

Updating your payment details

If you receive a request to update your payment details from us, you have purchased a subscription or a loyalty programme. We will send you this message if your bank details, credit card or PayPal account are not valid anymore. If you take a look into the message, you will find our contact details or an encrypted online form to make sure your data is being stored safely.

Purchasing prices and added value tax

The vendors are responsible for setting the prices of their products as they bring the products onto the market. As we sell the products within Europe, the purchasing price always includes the respective added value tax.