Shipping costs

Set shipping costs

1. In the edit mode of your product, go to the tab "Shipping costs".  

2. The shipping costs are differentiated between Europe 1, Europe 2 and all other countries (World 1 and 2).

a. Here is an example of what the setting for Europe 1 (members of the Eurozone) might look like. If, for example, you want to specify that all EU members of the Eurozone should pay €10.00 delivery costs, enter this next to the item Europe 1:


b. Furthermore, you have the option to select exceptions, i.e. if, for example, deliveries in Germany should only amount to € 4.50, then you select Germany, click on it once and then enter the corresponding amount, in this case € 4.50, in the field provided. All other countries in the Eurozone would continue to pay €10.00 shipping costs. You can repeat this process as often as you like.


c. For example, if you only want to ship to Germany, Spain, France and Malta, click on the buttons for these countries and enter the individual shipping costs. Then only these four countries are automatically activated for shipping on your order form. This would look like this:

d. Exactly the same steps apply to the settings of Europe 2 and World 1 and 2.


Gross and net

Please note that if you select a gross price for the product, you automatically set gross shipping costs. If you enter the net price for the product, the shipping costs will be net.

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